Happily Ever After...

However Life Unfolds™

Happily Ever After... However Life Unfolds™

Happily Ever After... However Life Unfolds™


Happily Ever After...However Life Unfolds™

You can’t know for certain where life will lead but with a Sovereign Protective Society membership, you can ensure a Happily Ever After.

Sovereign Protective Society is a global membership society dedicated to making prenuptial agreements (aka ‘prenups’) a non-negotiable requirement of marriage for our members.  The Society membership agreement protects the financial interests of each member’s intended heirs with Society-defined prenup terms that ensure individual and family wealth cannot be redistributed in unintended ways in the event of separation/divorce.

An important by-product of protecting the member’s intended heirs is the member’s own financial interests are protected up to $50M in assets and up to $1M/mo in income (alimony) protection.

Much like shareholder agreement clauses that require shareholders of closely-held businesses to have a prenup to protect the business, your Society membership makes your prenup a legally-binding requirement that not only protects your business(es), but also your home(s), investments, intellectual property, and future income.

Our purpose is to ensure important premarital conversations occur about values, expectations and fairness so both partners in a marriage can live Happily Ever After… However Life Unfolds™.